Professional Car Paint Correction & Restoration

If your paint is not treated or not professionally valeted on a regular basis, then over time contaminants, environmental factors, poor washing technique and wear and tear eat into the protective clear coat on your cars’ paint.

If you don’t correct this wear your car could suffer premature clear coat failure corrosion, rust and overall accelerated degradation of the paint. Keep your cars’ paintwork finish maintained to maintain the value of your vehicle, extend its life and to keep it turning heads! Call Chris on 07766 704950.

               Dull & Damaged Paintwork

                 After Paint Restoration

Why is my Cars’ Paintwork Dull?

Modern day car paintwork is made up of  3 stages. Firstly the primer coat then the colour coat and finally the clear coat.

Oxidation in simple terms is when the oxygen molecules in the air act to remove electrons from the paint resin. In other words the paint deteriorates by coming apart or disintegrating.

Over time, it is not unusual for automotive paint finishes to become slightly rough to the touch. Such roughness is caused by the gradual accumulation of surface contaminants that are too firmly bonded to be removed by normal washing alone.

Three main factors that come into play with paint contamination is the climate your vehicle is exposed to, the time in which these contaminants have bonded and interacted with your vehicle’s paint and the condition of the paint when these particles embed and bond to the surface. Minimizing the time these contaminants are interacting with your vehicle’s paint is the best way to prevent damage.

How do I Restore my Car Paintwork?

The safe removal of bonded surface contamination requires special techniques including  a clay bar and machine polisher with professional products. Once removed the paint will then need to be treated with a high quality wax, paint sealant or a paint protection system which will create a barrier for your paint and with professional maintenance, the effects can be minimized or completely non-existent.

If your car paint is looking dull don’t try and restore it yourself as you could cause permanent damage to the clear coat on your car. Many products on sale are simply too abrasive and if used on the wrong paint finish could result in you having to have your vehicle partially (or completely) re-sprayed.

Call Chris on 07766 704950 and ask his advice. Advice is free and he will tell you exactly what is required to restore your vehicle to its former glory. In some instances it is possible to return the car to a finish even better than when you purchased it!

As well as paint restoration we also provide full paintwork protection to ensure that your paintwork never deteriorates again! We are accrecidted applicators of Nano-Ceramic Coatings. With a paintwork protection you may not need to polish your car for up to 5 years!

Swirl Marks From Incorrect Washing

Buffer Trails From Incorrect Polishing

What are swirl marks, holograms and buffer trails

Swirl marks are circular patterns of fine scratches that often resemble the form of cobwebs. When light beams down on the paintwork (for example the sun) they are very noticeable especially on dark coloured paintwork. These appear due to the result of poor wash technique for example using automatic car washes with the rotating bristles, cheap hand car washes using untrained staff or another classic cause are using traditional sponges as they don’t lift the particles of dirt safely away, instead dirt and grime are held on the face of the sponge and moved around the paint surface creating fine scratches.

Holograms and buffer trails are lines of swirl marks inflicted by poor machine polishing technique. They are highly visible in direct sunlight and can look very unappealing to the eye. These are caused when the machine polisher is moved to quickly over the surface of the paint. They are commonly found after the vehicle has had a paint repair at a body shop, after the repair it is usually quickly machine polished back up and in most cases not polished properly.

Paint Correction
From £POA
Removal of swirl marks
Correction of holograms
Correction of buffer trails
Wax, sealant or ceramic coating applied
6 Month Ceramic Protection Package
From £200
Silver Level Valet (interior and exterior)
Paintwork treated and protected with a 6month ceramic coating (7h hardness & high gloss protection)
*All prices are a guideline and subject to an inspection*
Amazing job making my husbands old car look like new. Highly recommend this company, will definitely be using again. Thankyou!”Tracy Thompson (VW Golf)
Your dull paintwork can shine again! Call Chris on 07766 704950