Car Valeting Packages & Prices

Don’t you wish there was a way to get your car back into the same condition (or better!) than it was the day it left the showroom?

Actually, there is – car valeting gives you the means to clean and restore your car to its perfect condition. In fact, valeting can actually make your car look better than it did the day it was driven off the dealer’s lot.

If you want your car to look ‘better than new’ call Chris on 07766 704950.

    Valeting Packages

    Interior Valet
    From £40
    Full vacuum, including boot area.
    Pockets, compartments and ash trays cleaned.
    Dashboard, door cards and cockpit area cleaned and dressed.
    Carpets, mats and upholstery seats shampooed.
    Leather cleaned.
    Interior glass and mirrors cleaned.
    Berry blast air freshener.
    Exterior Valet
    From £40
    Hand washed with carnauba wax shampoo, rinsed and towel dried.
    Alloy wheels cleaned with non acidic wheel cleaner.
    Tar removed from paintwork.
    All paintwork hand polished.
    Exterior plastics dressed.
    Exterior glass cleaned.
    Wheels and tyres dressed and shined.
    Silver Valet
    From £80
    All items from the Interior Valet.
    All items from the Exterior Valet.
    For additional services please see the "Optional Extras' pricing table.
    DIAMOND Valet
    From £250
    A Gold interior valet plus protection added to all fabric, mats and carpets.
    A Gold exterior valet plus paint sealant protection applied to paintwork.
    Exterior glass treated with ultimate glass sealant rain repellent.
    High temperature wax applied to alloy wheels (front faces) to prevent build up of stubborn brake dust.
    Have a look at some of the great results we have got with our clients’ cars. Click here to go to our showroom!

    ‘Optional Extras’

    Leather Cleaning and Protection
    From £49
    Full specialist cleaning of your leather interior.
    Full specialist protection of your leather interior.
    Alloy Wheel Protection
    From £49
    Expert cleaning of your alloy wheels
    Application of wheel guard ceramic (12 months protection) to resist corrosion, dirt and brake dust
    Clay Bar Treatment
    From £75
    Removal of all surface contaminants from paintwork
    Restores your paint to a super smooth glass finish, finished with a wax or sealant.
    Machine Polishing
    From £199
    Process - single stage gloss enhancement. Restores your paints gloss and shine.

    What Kind of Valeting is Available

    We valet all kinds of vehicles but largely they fall into the following categories. Click on the one that interests you to find out more about it.

    Audi Exterior Valeting

    Exterior Valeting

    All contact points of your car get damaged by acid rain, road salt, UV damage, bird droppings and tree sap.

    We can look after the exterior of your car with our comprehensive range of external packages. Your vehicle will be restored and that shine brought back! Giving you a finish which is often ‘better than new’ and maintained for the foreseeable future.

    Learn more about our Exterior Valeting options here or call Chris on 07766 704950.

    Interior Valeting

    Over time the interior of your car can accumulate ingrained dirt, stains, pet hair and even accidental spillages.

    With our comprehensive range of internal packages we can restore your vehicles interior to a showroom condition. So you can have a car to be proud of again!’ We also offer protection for fabric, upholstery and leather to keep them maintained.

    Learn more about our Interior Valeting options here or call Chris on 07766 704950.

    White Audi TT shiny from having been valeting prior to sale.

    Pre-sale Valet

    If you are looking to sell your vehicle privately or even have a lease return due, we offer a pre-sale valet package which is ideal for this type of service.

    This package involves a thorough valet inside and out aswell as cleaning the engine bay. This will attract a potential buyer or return to the lease company in its best possible condition. We can also cater for scratches, dents and alloy wheel damage if required.


    To enquire about our Pre-Sale Valet package call Chris on 07766 704950.

    Paint Protection

    Partnered with Coating Farm Ceramics, we are now the accredited specialist in the Brighton and East Sussex area, offering the best ceramic protection for your paintwork. You’ll never have to polish your car again!

    Do you want your paintwork to stay in showroom condition?

    We thought so, read more here or call Chris on 07766 704950.

    Booked my BMW in to bring some life back to tired old paint and I’m amazed by the results! Chris exceeded my expectations in every way. Can’t thank him enough. Would definitely recommend to anyone. Will be using again! Thanks ChrisSimon Walker (BMW Z4)
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