Winter Protection Detail

Why Protect Your Car This Winter?

With the end of summer looming and the colder months fast approaching your vehicles paintwork will be more exposed to the harsh elements like road salt, snow, ice and frost.

Our Winter Protection Detail Package which runs from September – February is specially designed to protect and seal the vehicle’s paint,  glass and alloy wheels from the winter elements.

Providing additional protection for your vehicle during the winter period is vital to maintaining the paint as well as the wheels and glass.

Applying winter protection to your car can:

  • Stop extreme temperatures damaging your paint
  • Prevent road salt from corroding your alloys and bodywork
  • Clear snow and ice faster from your windows

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Winter Protection
From £99
Ceramic protection for Paint
Ceramic protection for Glass
Ceramic protection for Alloy Wheels

The Paint

Snow, ice, loose gravel and salt can do serious damage to your cars paint, and bodywork.

The exterior will be given a full safe wash, 3 stage decontamination removal and Ceramic paint protection applied which will create a barrier between the winter conditions and the paint, resulting in a protection that will last between 6-8 months.

Combined with correct maintenance it will keep your paint protected through the chilly months.


The Glass

Harsh winter conditions can reduce visibility when driving.

We offer the very best dirt and water repellent glass sealant available on the market. Water is blown off car screens at speeds as low as 30mph, reducing the need to use your wiper blades.

The glass is clayed and cleaned prior to applying the sealant for ultimate protection which will give durability of 6 months.

The Wheels

You wouldn’t dream of leaving your paint unprotected, but what about your wheels?

Wheels encounter all the contaminants that paint does through the winter period including brake dust, the worst of them all. It can eat through clear coated wheels and even cast aluminium and chrome if left unattended.

We offer a wheel guard that creates a clear barrier against dirt, brake dust, bugs, tar, water and anything else that impacts your wheel. Protection will last through the winter period.

Fantastic job on my car! Not a speck or smear in sight. He did the Diamondbrite protection on the paintwork and its well worth doing. Car is cleaner for longer and with the great British weather the dirt just runs off. Brilliant!Emmy Johnson (Kia Venga)
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